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                Published:2017-07-16Browse Times:Font Size:[ Big Mid Lit ]


                School of Physical Science and Technology in Yangzhou University is located close to the national 5A Yangzhou Slender West Lake, and has a long history in education, which is initially known as the Department of Physics in Yangzhou normal college (Science department in 1952, separated to Physics Department in 1960, and found as School of Physical Science and Technology in 2002). The college now has four undergraduate majors (4-year), which are Physics (normal), Electronic Information Science and Technology, Microelectronics, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. Among these four majors, Physics (including electronic information science and technology) are the key construction mayors in 12th Five-Year Plan of Jiangsu province. Moreover, the college also has doctor degree program of “physics” (4-year) for Ph.D. students; master degree program (3-year) including of “physics” and “optical engineering” for graduate students.

                  The college has 6 branches: Department of physics, Department of Electronic Science and engineering, Department of microelectronics science and engineering, Department of optoelectronic information science and Engineering, college physics and experimental teaching center. The college has 5 scientific research institutions under university level: Institute of condensed matter physics, complexity science research center, optoelectronic materials and related application research center, electro acoustic communication research center, applications of photonic technology research center.

                  The college now has 108 faculty members, in which the number of teachers are 80 including 22 full time professors (8 doctoral supervisors), 38 associate professors. We have nearly 800 undergraduate students, more than 120 graduate students. Since "12th Five-Year Plan" has been started, our college has achieved more than 60 scientific research projects, including two projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (key program), one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (outstanding youth program), sixty projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (general program and youth program). The total research funds now reached over 30 million Yuan. Till now, our college also have published over 500 papers including more than 300 SCI papers.

                  Our College leaders and teachers pay great attentions on improving students learning and innovation abilities among the four years study for undergraduate students and 3-year study for graduate students. In recent years, the rate of successful application on further graduate study for undergraduate students increased dramatically, which reaches up to one-third of the total students. Moreover, nearly 70% of them have been enrolled into top level universities including Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University and other “985” or “211” ranked universities. In the past three years, more than 200 students have won the national scholarships, national motivational scholarships, et al. To improve the students’ innovation abilities, our college started “supervisors for undergraduate students plan” in order to help undergraduates to start interesting experiments, creative projects. We also encouraged our students to participate different leveled contests, including of China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, national undergraduate electronic design contest, embedded system design contest, physics teaching skills contest, et al. Till now over 80 students have won the province leveled prizes. We also built very good relationships to different schools and companies, which further favor graduated students to find jobs in Schools, Optoelectronic Company, IC design related Company. The employment rate kept in 100% in the last few years.

                  In the coming new china 13th Five-Year Plan and followed the spirits of “seeking the truth in Science”, our college is aimed to become one of the best high-level research and teaching colleges in China.

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